Tiny Tanks – A Smart Game For Smart People
Tiny Tanks – A Smart Game For Smart People
If you are looking to play a few smart online games where you really need to implement thought out strategies in order to win it then tiny tanks should be one of the games in your list due to its excellent game ambience where the users need to play according to the situation and apply their brain to chalk out a way to gain the points in tiny tanks.

Tiny tanks play link: http://freegame3.com/game/tiny-tanks.html
You need to use pencil and pens as the weapons in order to kill your enemies and while killing them you can easily gain tiny tanks points which will lead you to the next round. The best part is with tiny tanks you can create your own fight arena and fight there, even if you invite someone else also can play there. To play the game you will have to use a few keys or mouse, you can easily use right clicks and then hold and backward movement of the mouse in order to move backwards and similarly do the exact opposite process to move backward. The space bar or the simple left click of the mouse will shot the bullets to kill the enemies.
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