Car Games, Best Car Games, monster truck games Best car games here. 24/02/2020 - 17:05:56 Tractor Jigsaw 2016-04-19 02:24:12 Tractor Jigsaw
This game has 3 cool tractor pictures for you to complete the jigsaw puzzle. If you love the tractors then we believe you will like this sweet game. Have fun!]]>
Monster Truck Jigsaw 2016-04-19 01:05:22 Monster Truck Jigsaw
3 wonderful monster trucks jigsaw! In this game you will see 3 cool monster trucks to complete the jigsaw puzzles. Have fun!]]>
Concept Car Jigsaw 2016-04-19 00:02:45 Concept Car Jigsaw
Concept cars are always amazing. They looks like they are came from future. In this game, you will see 3 different amazing concept cars jigsaw. We hope you will like them! Have fun!]]>
Modified Car Jigsaw 2016-04-18 20:23:02 Modified Car Jigsaw
Who doesn't like modified cars? If you are here, we believe you too. There are 3 different modified car jigsaw in this game. We hope you enjoy it! Have fun!]]>
King of Drift 2016-03-20 21:20:51 King of Drift
King of Drift is a very cool high-speed action game. This sweet game has only one rule! Drift as fast as you can! Control your car very carefully with arrow keys and press Z to use the handbrake. Do you think you are the king of the speedway? Good luck!]]>
Truck Loader 2016-03-20 20:38:16 Truck Loader
Truck Loader is a lateral-thinking puzzle game. You are controlling a cool truck loader machine. Use your magnets and try to move the boxes into the truck before the time runs out.<br /><br />You will learn how to play this game with an easy tutorial. But then your brain will start to be tested as you try to figure out how to place the crates in various positions in the truck in the next levels<br /><br />You might have to move things in a certain order, or move something then come back to it later.<br /><br />]]>
Build It: Wooden Bridge 2016-03-20 20:06:35 Build It: Wooden Bridge
Build It: Wooden Bridge is a sweet building puzzle game. In this sweet game you need to get your car safely across the water without sinking.<br /><br />Use different bits of wood like crates, barrels and planks to build a bridge that will hold the weight of your car and allow your vehicle to reach the ferry.<br /><br />Try to collect all the stars and try to do it as quickly as possible to get maximum points. Have fun!]]>
Road Anarchy 2016-03-20 19:45:52 Road Anarchy
Get in your crazy truck and be ready to destroy everything, race and ride to the finish line. You have to keep you truck balanced but you will also get to smash and crush some other trucks. Have fun and see if you can get the best and fastest time in the Road Anarchy monster truck racing game.]]>
Be Faster To Stay Alive 2016-01-27 00:06:07 Be Faster To Stay Alive
You are running out from bad people and those bad people wants to destroy you. Time to be fast! Use your laser gun to kill destroy them, collect money bags, upgrade your gun destroy them faster and be very careful! Don't hit other cars to stay alive longer. Have fun!]]>
Crazy Monster Truck 2015-12-04 15:16:04 Crazy Monster Truck
There are 10 cool and hard level in this crazy game. Collect all stars and complete all levels in the crazy monster truck game! You have 10 lives to complete the game. Good luck!]]>
Speedy Racing 2015-11-07 11:25:30 Speedy Racing
Speedy Racing game garnered plenty of gold! The task before the end of time to collect the most gold. Time and receive health object on the road, you end the game. Hitting other cars, reduced health. enjoy!]]>
Concept Car Parking 2015-10-23 08:55:33 Concept Car Parking
Our new car parking game released! This time you will park a concept car. We created 6 beautiful scenes to park this cool concept car. This time you will need to take the key in 2 scenes to clear the road from parked car. We believe you will have great time. Have fun!]]>
Drive Own Taxi 2015-08-29 17:14:50 Drive Own Taxi
Did you ever want to be a taxi driver but you cant make it happen? Then you can try to be a good taxi driver in this game. There are many missions to complete. You will collect money, pick up customers and many different missions. So come on! Be the best taxi driver!]]>
Super Tank 3D Parking 2015-08-12 01:24:26 Super Tank 3D Parking
Time to test your skills as a driver on this amzing tank which comes in ten different colors and try to park it well each time. Your health and time are very limited, so you need to complete your mission without crashing the vehicle and before the time runs out. You have twelve sweet levels to play, each being more challenging than the previous ones. Do you think you can handle the pressure? Good luck playing Super Tank 3D Parking!]]>
Classic Car Parking 2015-08-12 00:34:57 Classic Car Parking
We made a sweet and fun classic car parking for you! There are 6 different unique new and sweet levels to park your classic car. Let's see how good you are at driving and parking a car! Have fun!]]>
Play Buxle and kill zombies 2015-08-12 00:00:31 Play Buxle and kill zombies
Buxle is a game of zombies where you have to play the hero and help 300 people from zombie attacks. The main theme of the game is you are the person who will save the cave from the hands of zombies who are approaching towards the cave to make all people like them.<br /><br />You will have to use various weapons like big guns for long range shots, small guns for short range shots, you can change the weapons with 1,2,3,4 keys easily according to your need. in the game <strong>buxle</strong> and make sure that you move well with left &ndash; right via mouse left click and drag and right- &gt; left via right click of mouse hold and drag. At times the medicine comes from above which you will have to use via space bar of the keypad in order to gain energy to fight against the zombies in the game of <strong>buxle</strong>.]]>
Kick your opponents out of Electric man 2 hacked 2015-08-11 23:37:59 Kick your opponents out of Electric man 2 hacked
Electric man 2 has an interesting game format for all the users, the best way to win electric man 2 hacked is to make sure that you learn the steps well in the practice season of the game so that you can easily apply it while the game is going on.<br /><br /><strong>Electric man 2 hacked</strong> is probably one of the most played online games in current time due to its smart story line and game ambience where the users will have to open the game and then learn to use kicks with left mouse click two times, push with middle button press 1 time of the mouse, running with hold and drag the mouse pointer from right-&gt; left or left-&gt; right, jumping hold and press space bar and many such moves to fight with the enemies.]]>
Be The Titan in Attack On Titan Game Online 2015-08-11 23:22:22 Be The Titan in Attack On Titan Game Online
Attack on titan game online has now been one of the most popular online flash games across the globe due to its simple user friendly game format as well as good graphics. The best part of the game is you can easily clear the level if you are good at using the hands of the titans.<br /><br />In order to clear the stages of <strong>attack on titan game online</strong> you will have to use the hands in the right and left wise directions via mouse left and right clicks to kill the people. When you are trying to kill, a clock will count to note down your time span, so you need to kill as many as possible within a short time span to clear the stage. You can also use double right clicks to fire from the hands of titan.]]>
Play Scrabble sprint to enhance your memory 2015-08-11 22:38:58 Play Scrabble sprint to enhance your memory
People always like to play games that help them to learn something so if you are one of those people then the game of scrabble sprint is what you are probably looking for. Here the game format is quite easy all you have to do is to make or create words within a certain time period as a clock will count down the time while you are playing <strong>scrabble sprint</strong>.<br /><br />The best way to win the game of <strong>Scrabble sprint</strong> is to think quickly about the short words and then arrange it with simple selection with space bar of your keypad from the scattered words list given in the word list and you can also use mouse clicks to select or cancel the selections of letters.]]>
Play 2d Driving Simulator Online 2015-08-11 21:30:06 Play 2d Driving Simulator Online
<strong>2d driving simulator</strong> is one such game that will test your control over the wheel when you are playing the game. The best part of the game is it is quite simple to play for the users, so all you have to do is to open <a title="2d driving simulator" href="" target="_blank">2d driving simulator</a> start driving your way to glory.<br /><br />2d driving simulator play game link: <a title="" href="" target="_blank"></a><br /><br />Format of the game is easy, you have to control the movement of the wheel with left right keys and hence move forward towards the final destination. Make sure you are in control of the wheel and turns while paying <strong>2d driving simulator.</strong>]]>