Play Buxle and kill zombies
Play Buxle and kill zombies
Buxle is a game of zombies where you have to play the hero and help 300 people from zombie attacks. The main theme of the game is you are the person who will save the cave from the hands of zombies who are approaching towards the cave to make all people like them.

You will have to use various weapons like big guns for long range shots, small guns for short range shots, you can change the weapons with 1,2,3,4 keys easily according to your need. in the game buxle and make sure that you move well with left – right via mouse left click and drag and right- > left via right click of mouse hold and drag. At times the medicine comes from above which you will have to use via space bar of the keypad in order to gain energy to fight against the zombies in the game of buxle.
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